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days until the next. Blue Moon on Oct. 31, am PDT. Blue moons occurred in January and March, with no Full Moon at all in February. Now that's not.
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The Moon is in the same direction as the Sun, yet the illuminated half is facing away from Earth. The portion that faces Earth is dark. A week after the New Moon, we can see a quarter of the Moon illuminated. Two weeks after the New Moon, we see the Full Moon.

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Three weeks after the New Moon, we get to see half of the illuminated part of the Moon. Facing moments of doubt? Contact one of our experts for some extra guidance! Leave a comment. Leave us a comment 5 4 3 2 1 0. See more.

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How Jealous Are You? How jealous are you? Extremely jealousy, or moderately jealousy? Are you one of them? Your request is being dealt with, we will contact you shortly. Please check the fields below and click the OK button. Last name. First name. Moon Phases:. Lunar Phases explained:. The day is associated with many folk beliefs to do with the opening of portals between the living and the dead. The founding Yellow Emperor is also believed to have had his birthday on this day.

The servant is supposed to have cut off part of his own thigh to offer sustenance to his starving master. Jie Zitui shunned rewards and fled to a mountain with his mother, he was pursued by the angry prince and was only put off burning down Jie's house by a pleading poem written in blood. To mark the event no fires are lit and all food is served cold. More practically it marks the time when the heating fires used over the winter are put out and the all the ashes cleared away - so there is no fire available for cooking.

It is a minor festival held on the eve of Qing Ming. As the events took place in Shanxi province it is mainly there that the festival is celebrated. Traditionally the family tomb is cleaned and swept on Qing Ming day with fresh offerings laid out for the ancestors. This festival is anchored to the solar year rather than lunar year and so always falls between April 4th to 6th.

It marks the start of Spring and is associated with kite flying. It has similarities to the Christian Easter Spring festival in that eggs are prepared and eaten. In some areas boys used to wear willow wreathes on their heads to summon rain for the growing season. If you want to become more prosperous then making the appropriate offerings to the God of Wealth Zhao Gongming or God of Money Cai Shen on his birthday could do the trick.

This birthday is marked on the 15th day of the third lunar month of the traditional calendar. He is often depicted with an iron club and riding a black tiger.

There are various conflicting legends concerning his life which dates back before the Qin dynasty. It is a minor festival and not a public holiday. The Dai people of Yunnan people have great fun getting very wet on April 13th each year. It commemorates victory over a water demon that had kidnapped seven young sisters. There are very many festivals specific to particular minority people, this is one of the best known through widely seen documentaries.

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A modern international holiday to mark the toil of workers takes place on 1st May. The new festivals like Labor Day introduced since the PRC was founded have gradually given way to the traditional ones, three whole days used to be allocated but this has been reduced to one day since Commemorates the activity of young people on May 4th that helped create the Republic of China.

It also marks the foundation of the influential May 4th movement. Rather like Single's day the day 5. So if you can't wait until Valentine's day there is now another day to pledge your love and get engaged. Only popular in cities. A recent holiday specifically for children under 14 was created under the PRC to be held each year on 1st June.

Admission to cinemas is free and presents are given. The highpoint of the sun's journey at the Summer Solstice in the year marks the start of the warmest part of the year, but also the reduction in day length. This became the Dragon Boat Festival on the fifth day of the fifth month which often falls near the summer solstice. As well as procuring rain from the water controlling dragons for the summer crops, it commemorates the life of Qu Yuan BCE , an incorruptible public official who drowned himself in defiance of unjust rule.

Many boats went out in search for his body and from this legend dragon boat races take place throughout the world.

Two teams of people race each other in boats with a decorated dragon prow. It is only recently that this has become an official public holiday again. Hong Kong is well known for the large number of races that take place each year. The fifth month is generally regarded as the most unlucky month and charms were used to keep the bad influence at bay, for example with pictures of Zhong Kui or putting iris flowers over the door.

Traditionally Realgar wine containing Arsenic sulfide was drunk to kill off internal parasites and infections. Rain is essential for crops and another minor festival, the Rain Festival, like the Dragon Boat festival, is associated with rain on the 13th of the fifth month. Ceremonies used to seek just the quantity of rain, not too little and not too much.

Like St. There are many gods of rain and legends about them. As rain is associated with dragons they feature prominently in such tales including the Jinlong Si Dawang Golden Dragon King. Half way through the lunar calendar year is on the 1st day of the 6th month, and it is a time to reflect on the year so far.

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Mainly celebrated in southern China, the Half Year Festival is in places treated as an echo of the New Year Festival, with fire crackers, zong zi glutinous rice and family get-togethers. According to legend in Jiashanwu Village near Hangzhou a long drought was ended by the efforts of a mysterious old man.

Clothes; bedding; papers; grain are some of the things that can benefit from a thorough airing and drying in the sun. Clothes Drying Day takes place on the sixth day of sixth month. The legend is that the Dragon King , ruler of water, spent this day drying its scales. Another tale is that it was the day when the Buddhist scriptures that were being carried into China in the ' Journey to the West ' were laid out to dry; and so temples used to bring out the Classic scriptures for a good airing.

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Because green is a color of prosperity, the room where it fits best is the kitchen. The best colors for the house are ivory and white because they are the most proper for the optical nerve and they symbolize light, the heart of the people. At the same time, white furniture is a symbol of hope.

Also, a light-colored wood or a burlywood color is indicated because it can easily stimulate inspiration, wisdom, and focus on studies. Strident colors or a very wide chromatic variety is not recommended to impede the occurrence of some negative influences such as:. The colors of in terms of home decor will be inspired by the sea. Therefore, blue is the center of attention, but also the green shades.

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Choosing the ocean to define the colors of this year is referring to having a fluidity of colors, depth, and complexity. Other sea-inspired shades include sandy white, deep black and oxygenated, colder green. Overall, this is a pallet inspired by nature and it is so varied that no one will feel restricted to a single color choice. In conclusion, the colors of the year can be used for different material and products, starting from clothes for women and men, accessories, casual or sports bags or interior design items.

Color harmony and mixing schemes progress to display stronger color contrasts: turquoise with gray or bright orange. Skip to content. Chinese horoscope — Year of the Rat.